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Raising the Bar: Retrospective

As September comes to a close, the team at the Startup Guild are working on our next event happening in November. This comes from the success of our August event “Raising the Bar: Fundraising and Growth in Kansai”.

It was an extremely diverse crowd that shows how Kansai is changing. It was very uplifting to witness.

Here is a summary of the event and data we captured:

The Purpose:

"Raising the Bar: Fundraising & Growth in Kansai" addressed the funding challenges faced by startups in the Kansai region and explored various financial instruments available to them. The event engaged experts from the private and public sectors to gain insights into Japan's funding landscape and compared it with global practices. Key objectives included providing valuable information on securing funding in Kansai, stimulating discussions on attracting more funding to the region, and nurturing entrepreneurship in cities like Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka.


- Sold out 70-seat capacity, with 28 people on a waiting list.

- Additional standing-room-only area opened to accommodate all interested attendees.


- Matthew Ketchum (MK Ultraman / web3 expert)

- David Perdue (Canadian Consulate)

- Kenneth Jeng (Moon Creative Lab)

- Soraya Uehara (MatchHat)

- Felix Moesner (Swiss Consulate / Swissnex)


- WeWork

- Hello xLAB KK

- SkyScape KK



- Innovators Path


- US Consulate of Osaka

- Moon Creative Lab

- Swiss Consulate / Swissnex


- Innovation Dojo Japan

- Canadian Consulate

- Shake Shack

Impact on Startup Guild:

- Event had 98 attendees.

- Direct traffic to Startup Guild's website increased by +1,400%.

- LinkedIn traffic to Startup Guild's website increased by +300%.

Startup Guild's LinkedIn Page Metrics (June 23, 2023 ~ September 20, 2023):

- Unique page views increased by +165% (582 views).

- Unique visitors increased by +150% (257 visitors).

- Click-through rate increased by +500%.

- Follower count grew to 432.

- 27% of regular page visitors are in the Business Development sector.


"Raising the Bar: Fundraising and Growth in Kansai" successfully addressed funding challenges in Kansai's startup ecosystem, attracting a diverse audience and high-profile speakers. The event significantly boosted online visibility for Startup Guild and fostered discussions on improving funding access and support for entrepreneurship in the region. The positive response and increased engagement metrics demonstrate the community's strong interest in supporting positive change in Kansai.

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